Be “different”

We all know each person is different, right?

At least your mom and dad said to you again and again.

And we believe so. But wait, when it comes to photography world, why the similar images are appearing on a photo site, again and again?

This web era, once the nice looking images and locations were uploaded, the images were immediately copied by another photographer.  (not digitally copied)

I copy personally. So I don’t say copy is bad, rather we can learn a lot from copying.

But when if you try to copy something, try to add something your own thought, your idea.

Without that, you are just making a plagiarism

Can’t you add something on your own ?. don’t publish them. It’ll be OK anything to to do for your next work.

There is nothing original under the sun, “STILL” we can add difference. That matters.

Don’t stop thinking, but stop blind copy.


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