The Lost World

Hiraiso, Ibaraki, Japan

There is a unique seashore where I visit every time I go back to my home town, Ibaraki, Japan.

This set of  unique shape of rocks were (claimed to be) remaining of Jurassic era.

The rocks themselves look like  the backbones of dinosaur don’t they?

Actually many fossil, like dinosaurs, shells, plants etc. were found around this area.

I’m not a scientist nor a romantic man  but  while shooting, I can’t help but keep thinking

“Why did they go extinct?”

This is still a big mystery among scientists, and of course many hypotheses for extinction of dinosaurs have been discussed.

This is not a place where which hypotheses is right.

I just want to say one thing is clear that “THERE WERE DINOSAURS” , and went extinct.

They never imagined that they were going to extinct with such a huge body and power, if they had thought.  So as we human.

I will die, you will die too. It’s an inevitable.  But we tend to forget that.

“The same conditions never come” is well said for and by especially landscape photographers. I think it’s true. That’s why we live today, we shoot the scenery in front of us with full power.

Enjoy our life.


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