Finding your favorite place “nearby”

Autumn Valley filled with Autumn leaves

Autumn Treasure : D800E, NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR


Minou Valley is a small but has a big waterfall and many small streams. In Autumn many people visit there for seeing beautiful autumn leaves; One of the beautiful sightseeing spot in Osaka.

I live nearby there so I’ve been visited quite often with my camera. I prefer small water flows to shoot with ND filters.

Photograph reminds of the autumn by Yoshihiko Wada on 500px

Reminds of the Autumn: D800E, NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II

While I organizing my old data, I tried to count how many times I visited there since I started photography.

2011 (10 times: when I just started photgraphy)

2012 (14 times: in Autumn I finally got D800E)

2013 (20 times )

2014 (6 times)

2015 (0)

50 times!

So far I’ve visited the same place 50 times during four years. (Recently I’m focusing on architectures, so the number decreased) After  purchasing  D800E, I wanted and had to get used to full frames, so the number increased.

Photograph Spring is beginning by Yoshihiko Wada on 500px

Spring is beginning :  D800E, NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VRII

Traveling is fun! Visiting a new location is absolutely the pleasure for topographers. But in reality it’s hard to visit different places and countries every time you shoot especially for an temporary photographer like me. Instead it’s pretty easy to visit a familiar place you live nearby. So I recommend to find your favorite place (nearby) and visit there again and again especially when you just started photography.


1.TIME EFFICIENCY Since you can access fast the location, you can afford taking the time for shoot a lot. The more you shoot, more you got experienced.

2. EXPERIMENT & EXPERIMENT You can shoot in different weather, season and light conditions. Don’t forget trying different angles and compositions.

Photograph Slow White by Yoshihiko Wada on 500px

Slow White D7000, NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR

3. TEST You can try different lenses, filters, tripod, any tools to get use to them. Don’t use any unfamiliar camera and lens for an important session. Know your tools’ good and bad.

4.STUDY You can try new technique like,HDR, panorama, and post processing(after shoot)

5.ECONOMY No money after buying a new lens? Go your favorite place nearby.

Photograph East of Eden by Yoshihiko Wada on 500px

East of Eden : D90, SGIMA 10mm F2.8 EX DC FISHEYE HSM


Demerit: Gradually get boring

When you start to feel boring, it’s the sign you’re ready to fly!

The world is waiting for you, and you can take more beautiful photographs with much confident before.

Shoot more, try more, test your gadget, try new skills.

Don’t hesitate for visiting the same place many times.

Just hesitate doing the same things.

Photograph Autumn Dream by Yoshihiko Wada on 500px

Autumn Dream : D800E, NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II


2 thoughts on “Finding your favorite place “nearby”

  1. Very interesting photographs and advices, I will take into account.
    There is a place near my home that is quite similar to the one in those photographs. Unluckily, my region is always raining and cloudy, so having good light is very hard!

    Allow me to go back to IR photograph (I’m a complete lover of IR photograph experimentation!). If you have access to an IR camera and/or filter, you should definetely try IR photograph over the streams of water. I found that the IR passes over the water and even if the water is moving, you can see what is into the stream.

    Look at this photograph I did some time ago:
    The water in that stream was flowing relativaly fast, but you can see the leaves and some stones into the water!

    I will keep visiting the same place and practicing and experimenting.

    See you, my friend, and hope to visit you in Oosaka maybe in 2016, so we can discuss about IR and ND filters and architecture photograph ^_^
    Keep up your good work!


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