Akame valley

Akame valley, Mie, Japan, 赤目渓谷

Autumn Whim, Akame valley

Akame valley is located in Mie, Japan.
There are so many waterfalls,big and small, which said to be more than 48.
That’s because they say Akame 48 waterfalls.
In Autumn and new green season, the place attracts many photographers.

They have an Official website.
They informs us how the valley looks now, especially in Autumn, so we can’t miss the best day to visit there.

The most famous waterfall in the valley is “Ninai daki”. “taki”or “daki” means Waterfall in Japanese.

This waterfall locates fairly deep in the valley then it is difficult to catch a good light. I’ve visited several times, but I couldn’t get best shot so far.

And the bellow is “Biwa daki”,  little ahead from “Ninai daki”
“Biwa” means a Japanese traditional music instrument. The shape of water fall resembles the instrument, that’s what it became called to “Biwa Daki”.

Photograph the beginning of stream by Yoshihiko Wada on 500px The beginning of the stream by Yoshihiko Wada on 500px

This waterfall also locates deep in the valley, then a good light is difficult to archive.
They has unique shape of foreground, so I recommend to visit in rainy season, which has abandoned of water flow. You also should have rain boots or sandals to get in the water for better compositions.

This is “Senju Daki” “Sen-Ju”means “thousands hands”.
The water falls soon appear, you got into the valley.
The water was so clean that I widely placed the foreground.

I particularly love the waterfall” Shimai-Daki”,Shimai means Sister.
See, two flows gathers together looks like a real sister.

Vertical composition is my recommendation.

Photograph Shimai-Daki (sister-falls) by Yoshihiko Wada on 500px

Shimai-Daki (sister-falls) by Yoshihiko Wada on 500px

And the last one is “Gankutsu-Daki”.
Gankutsu means “cave”
Yes this waterfall locates the end of the valley, so I usually don’t come, and back before get dark. Don’t expect a good light here.

Photograph Gankutsu Taki Fall by Yoshihiko Wada on 500px

Gankutsu Taki Fall by Yoshihiko Wada on 500px

There are so many nice shooting spot here, if you are waterfall lover and have a chance to visit Japan, why don’t you visit Akame Valley?

Akame Valley Official web


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