How to get a treasure?

From Treasure island, San Fransisco Oakland Bay Bridge

Twilight Treasure by Yoshihiko Wada

I’m not telling you about jewels, but the treasure: Treasure island in San Francisco.

I’ve been wanted to visit this beautiful place where you can shot the Oakland bridge with San Francisco Skyline.

The location is fairly popular among photographers, but there are no specific guidelines how to get there, so I have to did a homework before my visit.

Google map research:
Google map is really useful when you are going to visit a place which you haven’t before. They never beat a real scouting, but during our travel, mostly we don’t have enough time to visit the place early on.

TreasureIsland_google map

Treasure Island google map


set the destination

If you have a kind photo friend in S.F., they probably take you there by car. Otherwise you should take an another way:  Bus

Fortunately, you can go almost anyplace by bus in S.F.  Treasure Iselnd is no exception.  It took around 15 minutes from downtown in S.F. Pretty close hah?


Google Root

20minutes hike

_DSC0224you get off from the bus here.

_DSC0233Walk sideways

_DSC0227You can shoot here for the skyline.

_DSC0229walk back for the gate bridge. and across left side. Be careful.

_DSC0234This is a hard part. Climb up and walk on narrow pass on the concrete wall. Actually it was not so hard. But be careful not to fall down.

_DSC0237Almost, almost.

_DSC0238YES! You almost there. Just go down the steep hill.

_DSC0240You can also down the hill and get to the shore, but I didn’t go down this time.

_DSC0242YES!! Congrats!! This is the place I’ve been wanted to!!!

_DSC0248I ‘m not sure this was the best root to get the destination. See the map I passed through.

Technically, the area seems to be off limit area, so please go on your own responsibility.

I know you will.


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