Get Alone

alone in the darkness

Alone in the Darkness by Yoshihiko Wada

An early bird develops a photo.

I usually get up before 4 am. Yes!  I am an early riser.

Since I don’ t have my precious den or darkroom in my house, the early morning is precious time which I can focus on my creation,

( in Japan a husband with no his own room is common, though my daughter have one, and my wife one too. )

My work place is the small corner of the living room. where always my family intrude while I am developing my photos.

Find sufficient time to be alone

I gave up working for my creation during my family are awake, so I had to take an early riser strategy. (My wife never gets up before 6:30 either my daughter.)

My day work is a sound designer for a video game company, so I usually have 2 free creative hours before I go to work.

I use those premier, quiet time,  for my creation, and am pretty alone in those time period.

Use your precious time for your creation

My photos, especially fine art black and white genre,  usually need a lot of  post process and require sufficient time to finish: Usually 10~30hours per photo.

Some time it  takes much longer to concrete the final image, other time it takes less longer and done by pretty quickly.(pretty rare case)

Either way, having certain amount of time in your daily life is crucial for an artist who has a day job.

Time is given equal to us, and it is us to use them by worthwhile or worthless.

Don’t spend too much time for WEB, facebook, and other social media. Web is a good place to publish your work and communicate with other artists.

We have to take away from the WEB and get alone constantly for the sake of building our art.

Rome (and an art ) was not built in a day.

The more taking time for a photo to the post process, the more your photo get better?  I can’t guarantee that.

However the quality of your photo significantly will improve by giving the certain amount of time for the one photo, even if you were just watching and thinking them,

Get alone and close your eyes, imagine the final outcome.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

This is true for everything.



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