I Am The Raw part.2

Akashi-Kaikyo-Ohashi-Bridge, Koube, Japan明石海峡大橋

The land of Redemption by Yoshihiko Wada

For those who are new to fine-art Black and White might interested in the RAW image, which will go to the above image.
Then I’ll reveal,Ta-da!

The raw image of "The Land of Redemption"

The raw image of “The Land of Redemption”

Here comes tech info:

601sec./f9, iso:100

Lense:AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED

Filters:10+6 stops ND by formatt-hitech

Do you want to see the scene without the ND filters? here it is.

behind scene

1/320, f8, iso100

Do you see how those ND filters made the scene so surreal?
Anyway, before the long time post-process, you have to take a beautiful longexpousre-raw image. It needs a bit experience, but you can be soon accustomed.
Have a great long exposure!!!

Sunset after the shoot

After the shoot with Coolpix_A


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