Find the Vision

Heading for H. by Yoshihiko Wada
Head for H. by Yoshihiko Wada    D800E, 14-24 f/2.8G ED

The most difficult part, yet the fun part of Black and White fine art genre: you can’t see the finishing image until during the post process phase.

Imagine you are now in the front of your PC with a raw image.

What should you do in the first place?

Do you have the “vision“?

Can you imagine your picture’s finishing image?

If you have a clear vision and see the end result, you don’t need to read my blog anymore, but others who want to know about your ” vision” , please keep read.

● What’s VISION?

There are no clear answer to “vision”, since it is intangible.

However “vision” can be replace with other words as follows:

instinct, anticipating, imagination, prediction, thought, experience.

These words are linked to “vision”.

●How to see “vision”

Since “vision” is quite uncertain, but there are several ways to see it.

I’ll tell you the way I do.

0. Do it by hunch

In the first place you have to shoot a picture.

However you still don’t have clear vision. How to start?

Don’t worry. Just do it by hunch. Shoot what you want.

Trust your way of seeing the world.

You’ve already have a seed of the vision, which will grow later.

The RAW image of

Raw image of “Heading for H.” 360 sec. f/9,iso100   14mmActually I didn’t have a clear vision when shoot this. The center lines with rails were just quite attractive to me

1.Take the time

There are two important things you should know about vision;
①Vision appears and moves

First your “vision” is fuzzy, uncertain, and changes. If your “vision” starts to change, don’t be afraid. Remember “vision” move with the times, and eventually will settle what it should be. Let the vision flow until it stop.

②Vision matures
The more you work with your image, the “vision” will grow and improve. It’s like a plant. You have to care of them. But some time it should be left. It’ll take time to grow.  Don’t rush, do experiments with your image. Some time it looks waste of time, actually doesn’t. All the work you did will pay later.

2.Make Draft

You never reach the goal without a map.

Make rough draft of the image, which is your rough vision.
I do it with Lightroom, using mainly local adjustment tools.

Lightroom local adjustment

Local adjustment tools is useful for making rough draft

Try every possibility and, do it drastically since it’s just a draft. Enhance all the highlights, shadows, details. Find the areas you want to focus. Make a plan which parts need to be masked for later post processing.

Rough draft by lightroom

This is the rough draft: I want to enhance the tower of the bridge, and gave it maxim highlight, and vignette ohters drastically. I know it is too dark and needed to be brigher.

3.View the image objectively

The vision is yours but the image should be seen public, then objective viewing is necessary to make a convincing image.

Easy way to see your image objectively is keep some distance from your image. Stand up and step back from your PC monitor.

Close your eyes 10 seconds, then open your eyes. Is the image still what you want? Is the image look attractive? Is the image too dark or bright?  Judge them like a curator.

4.  Export the image

When you think your image is almost done, export other devices, i.e. , your smart phone or tablet. Small display can’t see tiny details, but gives you the strong (or weak) impression, which is the similar feeling of others, who see your image at the first glance.

If you own a printer, print it. A tangible print gives you different

perspective from seeing with PC monitors.

But make sure that you have to calibrate your monitor precisely, otherwise the printed image would come out look different with what you see it on the monitors.

Preveiw with various way
Preview with various way

5. Believe your Vision

When you feel “the image has done”, leave it a day or two.

Then come back and see it again.

Are you still OK with this?

Can you find any rough edit?

If you are convinced. well done! Publish!!

When you feel some parts needed to be tweaked. Do it.

Don’t publish your image until you’re fully satisfied.

Never compromise. Do the best what you can do right now.

Then you vision will improve image by image.

After all you are the one who can only see your vision

Believe your vision.

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