Summer Walk
Every year in summer My family and I have a short trip to seaside of Mie, where we can stay at the company’s comfortable villa.

During our stay I got up early every morning and went to the seacoast nearby wanting for some nice seascapes.

The morning was pretty misty, and the front glass of the lens fogged up, just after I grabbed my camera from my bag.

seascape at the misty morning

misty morning /coolpix A

Check your lens often in misty morning. The front glass easily get fogged up.
Put on a protect glass in order to wipe the lens easily. Don’t forget bringing some soft cloth.

On the way to my initial destination, the curves of a breakwater lured my eyes. So I decided to change my plan.


When something draw you eyes, you should take some time and shoot them, even though you have a predecided destination.  I’ve been experiencing those moment many times, and whenever I was allowed to my hunch, I never regret the result.

coolpix a

set the tripod on the breakwater/ coolpix A

One of the difficult thing for a long exposure shot at the sunrise is that the light condition constantly changes and it’s get lighter and lighter.

A long exposure at the sunrise, the light condition changes constantly, so don’t rely on the calculated initial time by an App, or your smart brain.

Reduce some seconds depends on the light condition.

With 16stops FORMATT HITECH Firecrest ND4.8 filter attached, I
I decided to reduce around 30 seconds from the initial calculated time, which  said 210 seconds at the first time.

The raw image

The raw image


Look the histogram of the raw image. The high light is pretty close to blown out. If I allowed to initial caliculated time the highlight would be peaked.

Ah-oh, there was a white plastic sheet  lower part. I should have removed before shooting but I didn’t noticed. Plus there was a little poop on the wall(I cloned out already.)


Get rid of the garbage (and dog’s poop) before you shoot.
You can remove them in the post, but you should to it at the filed as much as possible for save the precious time.

However you can’t remove garbage all the time, so learning how to remove those unwanted objects later in the post is useful.

I did not need to do perfectly because I would later it “Black and White” and I knew the area would be darker. So don’t blame me for the rough edit and result.

This was about 30 minutes edit. If I removed the trash in the filed it would take less than 5minutes.

Tips: 5

Look around carefully before you shoot. Remove the garbage( and poop) as much as possible for your precious time (later in the post) and the environment.

18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR

Morning walk/D7000,18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR


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