Dark Odyssey ©2015 Yoshihiko Wada

I recently redeveloped my previous works which was already been published a year ago or more before.
This is not because I am a nostalgic person or having not an idea for a new project, but because it’s a good way to improve your skill and get a fresh perspective.

●Merit of Redevelopment

1. Take the technology improvement

A developing software is progressing day by day.

You can do today what you could not yesterday, thanks to

today’s rapid progress of soft wares and convenience of online update.

Do you know that the original Lightroom didn’t have the set of such tools: graduate filter, adjustment brush, or radical filter, which we are using as the obvious way currently.

Taking advantage in those technological improvement, and use them for redeveloping your pics, you will be able to produce better result than which you did before the technology.

2. Feel the Progress

Improvement is just not for a term for a software, but for a human too: Being able to see the progression of ourselves is most beneficial for the redevelopment.

While you are reworking you’ll see how you can do faster and better than what you did it for the first time.


Photograph ROAD ODYSSEY by Yoshihiko Wada on 500px

This was the original version of the front image. This was taken and developed in 2013, almost two years ago. At that time I’d just started architectural(kinda) photography and even didn’t know black and white fine art genre at all. I wanted to pack everything I captured at that moment.

3. The myth of feeling “perfect”

When we finish the development we feel :

“This is perfect. There is nothing to do more”

However the feeling often betrays us.

In order to see your picture objectively often requires certain amount of time after you finished it.  If you saw your “perfect” picture after a years ago, and you felt still perfect of it, the picture would have nothing left to be done. However if you felt something different, the photo had room to be improved or re-developed.


Photograph OPTIMUS RED by Yoshihiko Wada on 500px


Photograph Gurdian by Yoshihiko Wada on 500px

in 2013 I loved HDR photos and used HDR software, HDR Efexpro, every time. I just started using Photoshop and did not have enough skill for post process.

It’s natural feeling for any artists to make their work perfect. One of the great classic music composer, Gustav Mahler, often revised his music for meeting his perfection. It’s quite a common custom in the classic music composers.

Sometime, yet often redeveloping goes wrong. So what should you do?

Just keep the original. You can reveal the remake when it goes right (at least you feel )than the original.

Don’t regret the time for your failure. It’s just a experiment, and you

can get precious experience from it.

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

Thomas A. Edison


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