Attack on Harucas

Do you know what is the tallest building in Japan?

Tokyo sky tree(634m)? Year, it’s the tallest architecture in Japan, but it’s a tower, not a building.

OUT OF THE BLUE by Yoshihiko Wada on

OUT OF THE BLUE by Yoshihiko Wada on
TOKYO SKY TREE is the tallest architecture in Japan

Tokyo tower(332m)? It’s also a tower.

FADING ICON by Yoshihiko Wada on

FADING ICON by Yoshihiko Wada on
Tokyo tower(333m) is now the 2nd highest tower in Japan.

OK,  the answer is Harucas!

The tallest building in Japan, located in Abeno, Osaka.

The building is mulch-purpose commercial facility: shopping department, business offices, hotel, museum, college,etc.
It has just opened in 2014.

It’s a whole new landmark in Osaka, and you don’t have to miss along with the famous landmark “Osaka castle”.


long exposure at Harucas

D600 with 16-35mm f/4G ED VR /28mm F/11/221s/ ISO 100

When you are shooting a unique building, look around, and try to find a object or another building, which you can your shot more unique and differentiate from others.


If you are a “Light trail lovers” like me, here is really a fun place to play around with lights.


Recently, they allow photographers to use tripods at the observation deck on the top floor of the building.  I haven’t climbed up there yet,  so let me show my friend, Azul Obscura’s stunning photos from there.  You never regret to visit.


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