Imerse the lights

When I just started the photography, I amused how the city appearance changed between the day and the night through out the camera. When lights lit, it looks like they give the city another life.

It didn’t take much time for an amateur photographer to hook into night cityscape. I’d been visited most of famous shooting spot in Osaka especially famous observation decks for seeking the beautiful lights.

The Purple City by Yoshihiko Wada on

The Purple City by Yoshihiko Wada on

From DaiSan(No.3) Building in Osaka. The location is totally free of charge, but you can view an astonishing beauty of Osaka city.

REACTOR by Yoshihiko Wada on

REACTOR by Yoshihiko Wada on

From BREEZE building, which has also free observation spot.

Every time I got excited when visiting a view spot. They surely provide me a great view.  However I soon got feel tired of shooting them. Because those night shots are fairly easy to shoot, and every one can take them: Just be there during the night. (with a camera and a tripod) I’d seen so many pictures which were taken from the same places, with merely the same composition at the same observation deck.
“Why should I take the similar pictures which have been already taken many times by others?” I questioned to myself.

Fading City by Yoshihiko Wada on

Fading City by Yoshihiko Wada on

From the “sky tower” in Umeda, Osaka. From the famous spot, you can shoot beautiful shot easily, but also difficult from make them look different. Take a different “color rendering” is one way to make your pic much unique.

If your aim of photography is just taking a beautiful picture, beautiful moment, that’s OK.  But If you want to make your photography different from others, you’d better to think different.

I always think how I can make my photography look different even I’m  shooting the same place with others.
Next Flight by Yoshihiko Wada on

14 exposures are merged with”lighten mode” in PhotoSHop. Each ecposure are 4secs. I should have set longer shatter speed in order to the lines much longer. But this time many short lines make the photo look interesting. D800e, 70-200 VR2,116mm/ f11/ ISO 100

This one was taken from Osaka international airport which has popular observation deck in Osaka. I’d seen so many airplane pics which mostly focusing on landing and taking off. While I was scouting a spot I noticed an airplane which was refueling and maintained for the next flight. I quickly set the composition and took so many pictures without clear end-result.

Don’t just look at an observation deck, you should actually make an “observation” when you are there. You can think diffeerently in your digital dark room after you shoot.

Bellow is one of my popular pic” NEO OSAKA” which was taken from at a popular night spot, COSMO TOWER,

NEO OSAKA by Yoshihiko Wada on

NEO OSAKA by Yoshihiko Wada on

Actually the composition from the viewpoint has been well known for many, and shot by so many photographers before I took. You can change the color what you want. There is no boundaries or rule in photography. Just pursue your vision.

“Think different” is the popular term, which most people knew about.

For photography “Think different” plus “Take different (methods)” is the good way for your photography makes much unique and original look.

Just a little thought definitely change your photography.


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