Day and Night

I proudly announce that my newest black and white architectural series “Calculated Chaos” was just  given an Silver Award at  ND AWARD 2015.

I am so happy the achievement since the work was my first conceptual series, and I’d put lot of my effort and time for the work.

Let me introduce some thought and idea behind my award-winning work.


● Junction is not the only the place for the night scape

One of my obsession of the photography is light trail shots. Junctions and around highways are great locations, where multiple roads are crossing, to accumulate massive lights.

Into the Wind by Yoshihiko Wada on

Into  the Wind by Yoshihiko Wada on


One night,while I was shooting at one of my favorite junction, Awaza(upper image), I thought ” Why have not I been shooting a daytime long exposure at here?”

Seeing the complicated, intertwined mass of concrete, I thought this was so interesting object as an architecture.

●Paradigm shift

I’ve seen so many  Junctions’ shots, however most of them were taken at night when lights and car light trails can decorate the  messy junctions. I can’t agree more that junctions should be shot at night, and I myself had done a lot .


However I haven’t seen them as an architecture; an object for day-time long time exposure.

So here I come! I could  a day time long exposure shot at  junctions, and turn them into fine art look.
●The Junction King “Hakozaki”

Night Ruler: “Hakozaki(箱崎)” is the mecca of  junction

Hakozaki, (Nipponbashi, Tokyo) is the most famous and popular junction in Japan. Even some of  Junction mania call it as “sanctuary”.

Then when comes to Junction photography, I can’t pass the sanctuary. I decided to visit the mecca of junction.


●Shot at a popular location with your way.

Hakozaki JCT have captured by so many. You can find tones of images easily by google with the trem “hakozaki, junction

As myself have seen and a lot of them, and most of them were captured during a night, as I said before.

However, mho, I haven’t seen a convincing image by someone form the  location.  So I was pretty curious and thought” If I capture the jct with my way of photography, how it will look like?”

● Start with a scouting

I had not visited Hakozaki before.  Even I did  a lot of  home work about the location, every time I firstly do is a scouting.

During my examination: stairs, pipes, volts, concrete, traffic lights, the combination of different materials and textures lured my eyes.

Even after finding some nice spots, I decided to capture it with a most conventional composition of Hakozaki.

● Final frontier

One of my photographer friend said to me the other day:

“There is no unique location left out there. Every thing has already captured and posted to the online.”

He was partly true, but he needs to realize that what is the most unique location in the world : yourself.

Dig into yourself deeply,  you can find your vision, your desire, your uniqueness. No one can find, just “you” can find it.

For most people  junctions are just the mass of concrete,stained objects which are not the place to spend half of a day.

As for me junctions are well designed, beautiful and unique architectures in the world.


HIGHWAY KING by Yoshihiko Wada









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