North Queen

My recent series “Calculated Chaos”, It’s featuring three famous junctions in Japan. This time I introduce “Hokkou(北港) Junction”, located North Bay junction, Osaka.

Obviously, the junction is  not a sight seeing spot,  but nearby there are popular amusement park USJ, Universal Studio Japan. Then if your kids want to go USJ , why don’t you spare time to see this crazy urban architecture?

It’s a messy place, actually  I don’t recommend the place for a tourist  who all the way come to Osaka for the first time. There are many beautiful and unique spot in Osaka and Kyoto.  But you are the one who strangely be lured to these place, this is the place you have to visit.

●Look for an ideal composition:



North Bay junction, Osaka

My gears (this time)

I want to travel light,(though it always ended up so light after all) so when I ‘m planning to walk a lot for the destination, I prefer D600 instead of D800E.

Bag:STREETWALKER PRO by ThinkTankPhoto

LENSE: 14-24, pc-E 24mm,


ProStop IRND Filters: 10stops+6stops (for 14-24)

Firecrest 16 stops, 77mm( for Pc-e 24mm)

Tripod:sirui T-1205X

Ballhead:markins Q10

ETC: camera tape,blower,remote, battery ×2, custom black cloths(for preventing light leak) and Chucho bars for recharge.There are no convenience store nearby, so please get some water in advance.

Next time I’ll write about my favorite JCT, Awaza, Osaka.

See you soon.





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