Finding Medusa

There are two most famous junctions in Japan: One is Hakozaki(箱崎), and the other is Awaza(阿波座).

I introduced Hakozaki, Tokyo, the other day, so this time is “Awaza”, Osaka where is my hometown.

●Tourist guide to Awaza

Awaza is not a normal sight seeing spot in Osaka,and probably your wife or girlfriend wouldn’t like it. But if you love urban scape , I strongly recommend you to visit there before you leave the town.

Awaza Junction is located  very near by Awaza station, then the access is pretty easy.  Even it’s your first time to visit Osaka  you’d  never lost the way to Awaza. After visiting Osaka castle, pretty nearby, your next destination is here, Awaza. Check the root.

The Root from Osaka castle to Awaza junction:

●When should you visit?

You don’t have to hassle to visit there. Wait until the night.

Night is the time when you can capture  Awaza with most beautiful way.


Phantom Blue (2013 ) : This is the origin my Phantom Trail series

●Shoot as many as you can

The tips for  have an ideal light trail is just shoot as many as you can.

If you wasn’t satisfied with a singe shot, then merge them!

I usually shoot over 50 exposures with a same composition in order to later merging them during the post-process.



Using NiK’s analog FX pro2 for having vintage and grange taste

●Black and White and Daylight exposure

If you want to observe the structure of Awaza much more, come to daytime, and try Black and White to enhance its complicated structure and details. This is the place my Black and white long-exposure Junctions series”Calculated Chaos” came to my mind.

D600 with 14-24, Lucroit filter adapter with Formatt hitech filters

D600 , 14-24 ultra wide lens with lucroit filter adapter : waiting a cloud.I almost gave up, but one cloud came after 3o minutes waiting.

● Tips

If you’d ask me what is the most important aspect to be a better photographer, my answer is here:persistence.

When I took the photo” Medusa’s soul”, there were no clouds at all in the  clear blue sky on the hot summer day. however I really needed a blurred cloud between the concrete roads above.  I took 4 “5 minutes-long exposure shots” without any cloud, however I finally got one cloud in the frame.

5 minutes lxp without single cloud.

5 minutes long exposure without any clouds doesn’t make sense at all. It just gain massive noises.

See how just one cloud did a great job:

Calculated Chaos part3: Medusa's Soul

Calculated Chaos part3: Medusa’s Soul

I’d be happy If you had some interests “Awaza”.

Have a nice holiday and Merry Christmas!!




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