Change the feel

What color do you like?

Beside genuine black and white, I prefer syan colors, i.e.  blue.
I some time modify the color when I want give my images an additional feel.


This is the famous tower “Tokyo Skytree” in Tokyo, Japan. I was initially making this as a genuine black and white image, but just before I was about to publish it, I felt that something was missing.


OUT OF THE BLUE (B&W version)

I modified the tone curve and I found the bluish tone much fit the image.

Comparing with the original black and white version, how do you feel differently from both images?

The way to change the tone

RGB color curve

The easiest way to modify the tone is using  RGB color curve.

 graduated filter

If you don’t want to modify the entire of your image, use graduated filter. You’ve already familiar with  the graduated filter when you want to darken the sky, haven’t you?


Split Toning

you can also use “Split Toning” when you can add another subtle tone to the highlight (or shadow). Remeber, this modify the whole highlights on your image.If you want to editing more precisely, more tiny space  on your image, you’d better  to go to Photoshop.

Split toning


My “NEO OSAKA” was made by this filter techniques with much more precise manner.

The basic image was blue toned B&W image, then I added 4 different colors where I want to add.Especially I gave windows of center buildings color “yellow” in order to give the image subtle warm feeling.



There are various ways to change the tone. Just use them, play with them!

Experiment gains your experience. That’s what I always do.


Neo Osaka: Back to the Central (sin city version)




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