The best 5 architectures in Tokyo

Tokyo has no shortage of unique architectures.
You never be dismissed wherever you go, but I’ll introduce some of them just in case you are too indecisive to choose.


The highest newly rival “TOKYO SKY TREE” is much popular these days.
However don’t forget the ever time icon Tokyo Tower.
Capturing a famous icon with a unique way is always challenging, but still you have some room for it. I’d tried with my way, so you should.

 2.Cocoon Tower

The official name of the architecture is “Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower“, which is educational facility run by Mode Gakuen.


AWAKE by Yoshihiko Wada

It’s not fully opened for visitors, but just looking for its unique exterior, you actually don’t need to enter the facility.

Different Kind

DIFFERENT KIND by Yoshihiko Wada

3.Tokyo Metropolitan Government

We Japanese call it “Tocho” in short.
It’s  a massive and gigantic  architecture. It looks like a fortress.
However security was not so strict that you can use your tripod or ND filters for long exposures.
Designed by Kenzo Tange.



4.Debeers Ginza

The building is curved and distorted, not by an natural disaster but was designed so.
Ginza is a very fashionable district, your wife or girlfriend are happy to come with you to “De Beers“. Just take care not to inside the building with them.


5.Hakozaki Junction

Junctions are the last resorts for people who are get tired of shooting popular sites.
Hakozaki is the most popular, chaotic look of junction, and there are many attractive siblings nearby.
I’m sure just try to visiting all the junctions, your time in Tokyo would be gone.
Do you want to know more about Hakozaki? Please check my old post.






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