Sacred Fall

Water falls matches new green

When I just started photography, my obsession was taking waterfalls.

I visited many waterfalls, and this one is my favorite place; “Mifune no Taki”.

Recently,CAMERAPIXO released their new issue, and they picked my previous pic(below) . I remembered I have many unpublished pics from there, so I developed some of them.


Sacred Fall : D800E, 16-35mm f/4G VR, 2sec


Location: Kawakami,Nara prefecture

Mifune waterfall (御船の滝)


D800E, 24-70(34mm)



D800E, 24-70, 50mm



D800E, 70-200VR2(135mm)


The lower part of the fall.


D800E, 70-200VR2(70mm)


This one was originally I posted as a b&w. go link to 500px.


D800E, 70-200vr1(125mm)


Monochrome really suited the waterfall.


D800E, 24-70(56mm)



D800E, 16-35(17mm)

Now the time I have to go back to the dusty city area, calculated chaos.

See you soon!



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